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Welcome to CWP Glasfasertechnik, where innovation in fiber optic technology drives us forward. Here, we combine cutting-edge solutions with a deep commitment to quality. Discover how our expertise connects the world, today and into the future.
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Welcome to CWP: Leaders in Fiber Network Infrastructure
Welcome to CWP Glasfasertechnik GmbH! We are an innovative infrastructure company specializing in building and maintaining fiber networks in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Since our inception, we have been driven by the ambition to improve communication opportunities and technological solutions across Europe. Our passion for quality and forward-looking technology is at the core of every project we undertake, establishing us as leaders in digital infrastructure development. Join us on our journey towards a more connected and innovative future.

History of CWP


CWP was launched by Carl Asp, leveraging his extensive background from leading key companies during Sweden's fiber expansion peak. With an international perspective, Carl founded CWP aiming to make it a prominent player in the global infrastructure field, positioning the company at the forefront of the fiber communications industry.


In 2018, CWP focused on establishing a strong foundation in the Swedish market. The company, which had previously concentrated on fiber infrastructure, also began expanding the power network this year, marking a new phase in its development. This step was crucial in preparing for future international expansion.


CWP had become well-established in the Swedish electricity market, undertaking significant projects, including constructing power networks for major players such as Swedish Vattenfall, which is Sweden's largest electricity supplier. This year marked an important milestone in the company's expansion and strengthened its reputation as a reliable partner in energy infrastructure.


In 2020, discussions began with significant network owners in Denmark, providing opportunities for CWP to expand its operations internationally. Although the pandemic created challenges and delays in physically starting the projects, these initial conversations laid the groundwork for the company's future expansion plans in the region.


The year 2021 marked a significant turning point for CWP, as the company officially began its international expansion. Having established a strong presence in Sweden, CWP crossed the border and commenced operations in Denmark, laying the foundation for future growth in global markets.


In 2022, CWP underwent a strategic restructuring, where the company scaled back its presence in Sweden to focus more on the Danish market. Simultaneously, CWP signed a contract for a pilot project in Germany, marking the start of an even wider international expansion and highlighting the company's growing ambitions and scope in Europe.


In 2023, CWP Glasfasertechnik significantly increased its capacity in Germany, with plans to soon make this its largest market. This expansion reflects the company's strategic goals to adapt to new market conditions and capitalize on the growing business opportunities within the fiber and infrastructure sectors in Europe.


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About us
Forging Ahead: Our Commitment to Excellence and Future Growth at CWP Glasfasertechnik
At CWP Glasfasertechnik, we take pride in being at the forefront of fiber optic technology, with a commitment to innovation and quality that permeates every aspect of our operations. Our core values—Reliability, Delivery precision, and Collaboration—reflect our ambition to not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. We look forward to a future where we continue to grow organically, strengthening our ties with current markets while exploring new opportunities to expand our impact and contribute to a more connected world.

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